Vivid dreams are the best

I just woke up from a vivid dream.

SPOILER/CONTEXT: I've been watching and listening to a lot of Gary Vaynerchuck who is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. I've double watched and then listened on podcast his show with Hasan Minhaj.

I'm in New York. I'm in the offices of VaynerMedia. I won a contest that flew me there.

I'm standing amongst Gary's staff in their New York offices after having had some sort of discussion with Gary; one on one without cameras rolling. Thanks for the unnecessary edit, Mona.

Gary is getting ready for his next meeting with 4 staffers surrounding him to receive instructions or to give him updates or remind him of his day's appointments.

I see him look in my direction and smile and nod. I intuit that whatever I've said has pleased Gary. A staff person (who is Asian) walks up to me to tell me that Gary would like me to share on camera what I've learned. 

In the moment I think I know what he wants and recite in my head what I would say that would take up around 20 seconds.

The Asian staff person who spoke to me is his mid twenties and is chatting with a couple of other Asian staffers. I think that I should ask them for suggestions on where to eat in New York. But my confidence fails me.

Then Gary and an entourage of about 40 people and myself get into a medium size bus to get to the next location.

The bus is unusual in that the driver sits on this elevated bench so that the passengers aren't able to see the front windshield and instead see a 5 foot wall leading to the driver.

The first passenger directly 'behind' the driver is Gary and he is hunched over working on his phone. I'm in the middle of the vehicle and I look behind me and then I notice that 50% of all the people in the vehicle are Asian. And they are all friendly to each other.

I think, wow, Gary hires a lot of Asians. That's so awesome.

I remind myself that I'm getting infront of a microphone and that I should know what I'm going to say. I think about what value I could bring to anyone who is listening. So I think about roadblocks in my life and in my starting a new business (

Then there's another jump cut. Everyone is now in large room with lots of windows. There's a podium at the front of the room. All the staffers are milling around. I suddenly get panicky that I don't really know what I'm going to say so I find a piece of paper and pen in my purse to write it out. And that way I won't forget and I'll stick to a script.

And then I wake up.

When I wake up, I'm still half believing that the dream is real and I ask myself: If Gary had asked me how he could help me, what would be my answer?

CONTEXT: Gary is notorious for being extremely helpful and always asking how he can help.

I think about the things I wouldn't want:

  1. I wouldn't want to move to New York to work at his agency because I don't think being at an agency is where I want to be.
  2. I wouldn't want him to personally push my new business

So then I landed on telling Gary: I can't afford your marketing team but I would really like some marketing help for my new business.

Then I really woke up and realized the lovely dream I just had due to recent binging of Gary's online content and started reliving the dream.